About Us

Born and grown up in Prato Italy, one of the worldwide known textile center, Alessandro and Marco, founders of Davinci Italian Fabrics, have more than 25 years experience in manufacturing and selling textiles and knitted fabrics.

Davinci Italian Fabrics has been created to promote innovation, quality and service in providing textiles and knitted fabrics worldwide.

We love what we do and we go far beyond just providing on-time, quality products to our clients.

We partner with you to decipher and anticipate trends and bring to you the top most-searched style whether be women’s or men’s wear.

We have created a culture of openness and transparency in our organization and have the ability to adapt, anticipate and respond quickly in the climate of fast and unpredictable change that’s the norm these days.

In fact our products are ready-to-go and include on an ever increasing range of fabrics from natural sources such as wool, cashmere, silk, cotton and linen to synthetic fibres (polyester, polyamide, polyacrylic).